Our Mission:  3X YOUR Sales.

Invest in YOURSELF.

What is 3X?

3X is all about YOU and YOUR startup.

Are YOU ready to invest in YOURSELF?

3X is a transformative coaching day at the luxury Mandalay Bay in fabulous Las Vegas.

The coaching is designed to:

  • ​2X YOUR lead flow with dream prospects
  • ​3X YOUR sales with high value customers
  • ​5X YOUR company value and not your competitor's

    Now is the time to go BIG:

How Can 3X Help YOU?

3X YOUR sales requires refining what you’re looking for.

With a thousand tasks, problems, and distractions that hit you every day YOU often can't see the BIG picture.

3X will change that.

YOU become who YOU surround YOURSELF with.

Surround YOURSELF with people who have 3X sales over and over.

Now you have a choice: A) Do NOTHING  or B) invest in YOURSELF and 3X your sales.

Who Is Your 3X
Success Coach?

Dominik Tarolli loves startups. His passion is startups.

Dominik is an international Technology Executive, Business Angel, Top 100 Digital Shaper, author, and serial entrepreneur (and he even was part of a James Bond movie!).

Over the past 25 years, Dominik had the rare opportunity to work with hundreds of the smartest and most successful startups as well as entrepreneurs around the world, in every market you can dream of.

Dominik co-founded the startup Procedural Inc., made it profitable within 3 years and sold it to Esri Inc. (one of the biggest private software companies in the world).

He's been there - done that. For Startups, SMEs, and Global Companies.

Dominik opened his calendar for
12 selected startups that are all in and ready to invest in themselves


Who is 3X for?

3X isn't for everyone.

3X is for startups and business owners, who understand they are missing out on:

  • ​Do you watch losing sales to competitors and feel powerless
  • ​Do you believe your offering isn't "loud" enough to get traction
  • ​ Do you analyze your sales stats and feel an empty pit in your stomach.

X3 is for startups and business owners who understand it is POSSIBLE to 3X sales and REFUSE to accept their current state of Low-to-No sales.

Are YOU ready to invest YOURSELF?